Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Part 3 of my story

It was time for dinner.  Andy was sitting at the table with her mom and Jessie, waiting for her dad to come in. She couldn’t wait. Everything was ready; she had the worms in her pocket. She just needed her dad to come in. Oh hurry up! I can’t wait much longer. Just then her dad came in.
“Finally,” she said, more to herself then her family. “It’s about time.”
“So, what’s for dinner tonight?” asked Andy’s dad.
“Pasta,” said Andy “Can I dish it out?”
“Of course you can,” said Andy’s mom. “This is a surprise; next you’ll be wanting to wash the dishes.”
“Oh, I can wash the dishes tonight,” said Andy. “I’d be glad to.”
“Whoa, that’s too much. What are you up to?” asked her dad.
“Nothing,” said Andy. “I just want to help out.”
“Well, if you want to, that’s fine with me,” said her mom. “Then I don’t have to do it.”
“Can we start dinner?” asked Jessie. “I’m starved.”
“Yes, we can,” said Andy, starting to dish out her own pasta, “I am too.” 
She walked around the table, giving pasta to her mom and then her dad. Then she came to Jessie. She put the pasta on Jessie’s plate. How do I do this? Oh, I know.
“Look Jessie! There’s a cool butterfly out the window!” said Andy.
“Oh that’s so cool!” said Jessie, getting up and going over to the window.
Andy took the worms out of her pocket, and put them on Jessie’s plate; then she used Jessie’s fork to stir it up so that Jessie wouldn’t realize that there were worms in it. Then she went and sat down at the table.
“Hey, Jessie, come over here so that we can eat,” said Andy.
“Okay,” said Jessie, coming over to sit at the table and picking up her fork to take a bite. “Yum!”
Andy was having trouble trying not to laugh out loud.
“Andy? What are you doing?” asked her mom.
“Nothing,” said Andy. “May I be excused?”
“Yes, you may. But remember that you said you would wash the dishes.”
“I will,” said Andy.
“Okay,” said her mom. “Come in here to wash the dishes in 45 minutes.”
“I will,” said Andy, walking over to the steps and starting to walk upstairs. “See you then.”
That was so funny! I just hope she doesn’t realize that she’s eating worms. Andy went into her room. What should I do for 45 minutes? I guess I could practice the flute, but that won’t be fun. I guess I will anyway. So Andy went and took her flute out of her case and started practicing. She was pretty good, but Jessie didn’t think so. She barged into Andy’s room.
“Will you stop it?” Jessie asked. “It’’s really annoying.”
“I really need to practice,” said Andy. “Oh, by the way. Did you like dinner?”
Uh, yeah,” said Jessie. “Why?”
“I was just wondering,” said Andy.
“Andy!” her mom called. “Come down here and wash the dishes!”
“I’m coming!” said Andy.
She started to go downstairs.
“Stay out of my room!” said Andy. “And don’t touch my flute!”


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