Saturday, July 14, 2012


I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing on blog, but I have been really busy. I was doing a dance camp, and opening night for The Music Man is on Thursday! I've had practices almost every night. My dance camp was really fun! It was at my dance school, so I knew a lot of the people who did it. We learned 3 dances to show our parents at the end of the week (yesterday), we learned a modern dance, a hip-hop dance, and a jazz dance. My favorite was the hip-hop dance. My sister took a video of the dances. I will post one of them soon (if she'll let me).


  1. Dance camp sounds fun! I'm in the Wizard of Oz Musical, and I'm having fun learning all the new dances. I like your blog!

  2. Who are you in The Wizard of Oz?

  3. I'm a manicurist, a Winkie,chorus, and snowflake dancer!