Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sorry! (And Camping)

I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting, but I was camping! We went to New Germany State Park in MD.
While we were there we also went to Deep Creek Lake State Park, Herrington Manor State Park, Swallow Falls State Park, Fort Fredrick State Park, and Dan's Mountain State Park. All of them where also in MD. My family does a thing called Park Quest. Park Quest is in the MD. state parks. The park rangers at the MD. parks set up a quest for people to do. When you are done you get a stamp in a little book that they give you. If you get ten stamps you can go to the thing at the end. All of the parks that we went to except Swallow Falls we did a park quest. This is our second time doing it. Last year we only did three or four park quests, so we didn't go to the thing at the end. I hope we can this year!